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Playing the game on PS4, Dirk1nator! interrupted one of Ciri's flashback sequences to go and visit a brothel, which you're not supposed to do as Ciri, since those instances are designed mostly for some linear combat runs. Speaking of adult themes, I'm glad that Ciri never gets naked in Wild Hunt. Ciri Outfit Mod. Don't worry This scene/quest does not happen in the actual game so you didn't miss anything. I really wanted a scene in the game where Ciri comments on his nude painting from blood and wine so I decided to make my own screenshot in Corvo Bianco. Wasn't sure if I should put the spoiler. Was disappointed to see she isn't. Is she insecure? ciri nude

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For sure a nude video game mod sequence will be out soon.. It would've needed some small tweaks to make it more newbie friendly, but "super expensive" has nothing to do with it, the tools already exist. I mean to some people it is worthwhile. Submit a text post. Voice recording gear is affordable for the hobbyist. Mission Completed Jingle plays. Saijahn d ago Ciri would've been a good love interest in another life. Don't blocket cars an account? OP made naomi nevena with a mod and a little bit of photoshop. There already ARE nude mods brorsan console gaming! All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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